Trollface quest: who gets trolled?

Trollface quest is a well known game for its weird characters being a stick figure as the player and getting trolled by the villain ‘The Troll Face’. Trollface quest is a game created by ppllaayy and A4 games. You’ll play through a plenty of weird levels made by Trollface, the most of which are a little tricky to get through, but if you are smart enough, you will beat the game and save yourself from being trolled.

trollface quests

After playing this game the one thing I thought was ‘Who got trolled? Was it me? Or someone else’. One of the greatest game I have ever played was this game the so called ‘ Trollface quest ‘ whoever made this game, is a genius, as an opinion of mine. Flash games are meant to have some of the best qualities i.e. Graphics, Interest and Demand. Wherever the game came from, scratch, intelligence or a real life situation; it is one of the best games that exist out there. Who can even wonder a game having continuous levels without even defining it, a level with multiple of choices, your choice either to die or to pass, a game starting with a question ‘Do you like games? I want to play a game with you’.

And ends with the same trolling you.  ‘Do you like games? I want to play a game with you’.

This is a very interesting game which will either troll you or make you stress free. A fun filled game, the site owner himself says. This game has many levels some tricky, some simple …….. but still hard, some time taking, and some thoughtful. This game has over 2 million of players and over 5 millions of viewers of the walk through and review on YouTube making it a leading browser game based on flash. What an amazing record!!

The Trollface quest has 20 levels that can blow you up in a minute, no one knows how much time it would take for him to complete without using any type of help or walk-through. This game even has its own company of the products used in the games which includes a T.V named as TROLLOLONIC, a saw named as TROLLSAW. It has many characters, funny and amazing which includes a stick figure – which is the player, Troll Face – The Villain,  a Spy kind of a guy which offers us some kind of drug – a side character, man eating villagers that try to kill us, a bull which is the player hiding inside, a Matador carrying a red cloth and a sword, a magician that turns us into an elephant and mouse as big as a dog, a big stone that turns into a troll guy as we pass the level,  and the last Troll guy on the T.V. Other than these characters there are objects like car, box, cloud, scuba oxygen mask, pliers and stone. These characters and other object make the Trollface quest more impressive and attractive. Click here in order to play the Trollface Quest Games

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