Best Miniclip Games of All Time

Miniclip is home to thousands of free flash games and has games in tons of different categories but ever since the advent of the site, which was back in 2001, there have been some games that are still as exciting as they were on their first day. Here are some of the best Miniclip games of all time.

Snow Line

It’s easy yet extremely fun, especially if you’re a fan of Christmas and Santa. Help Santa pick all the gifts and draw the line of snow to make it to the finish. Try both Snow Line and Snow Line 2 to have fun.

Heli Attack 3

The second edition of the game is more classic, but the upgraded version i.e. Heli Attack 3 has a lot more to offer, which makes it one of the best games on the site.

Down Hill Chill

Fun and addictive, try all three courses of this game. Even though it will feel difficult at first, the game gets easier if you keep playing.

Flood Runner

It’s as simple as the title; all you have to do is run away from the giant wave. Its simplicity makes it very addictive.

Jet Ski

Who doesn’t love skiing? Try this game and face off against opponents to win as many races as you can.

Monsters Truck Nitro 2

Thrilling and fun, Monster Trucks is back with new levels. Collect speed bonuses and jump over airplanes and vehicles to get high scores.

On the Run

In this timeless classic of Miniclip, you have to escape and drive but also stock up on gas and repairs if you want to survive.

Commando Assault

Collect guns and ammo and everything else you can as you move through levels and kill your enemies in this classic Commando game.