The Adventurous Ice Age Game

If you have not downloaded the latest Ice Age adventure games on your phone and tablet, then grab your gadgets and get it now for free. The app with its superb audio and visual effects is amazing. The characters Sid, Manny, Diego and others from all four movies are brilliantly designed. The colorful graphics and familiar sounds from the film make the game more fascinating.

The game represents Sid as the protagonist who first finds Diego and Manny. Then, along with Manny and Diego, Sid travels and explores different lands to rescue and get to the other animals that have been drifted away. While extricating the animals, the three characters face obstructions and obstacles that need to be cleared. The user is also expected to collect acorns, berries, and shells, which act as a currency to buy objects for animals and construct land. The purpose is to protect and take care of the animals and build villages. The player can buy houses, food or other accessories to keep animals happy. Users can also engage themselves in playing mini games, which help in collecting berries, acorns and shells. The mini games are as intriguing as the main game itself. Another feature is social connectivity. The game allows its users to connect with their Facebook friends.


Although the game is quite appealing and engaging, it takes up an enormous amount of space, which means it cannot be downloaded on smartphones with lower storage capacity. At times, the user gets stuck as he does not have enough berries or acorns to construct villages and cannot rescue animals. The only solution to the situation is to make in-app purchases to continue. Ice Age is one of the most unique and interactive adventure games that children will love and you will not regret downloading it.