Frozen games – best frozen puzzle game

If you are very fond of Disney characters and their animated movies then frozen free fall game is worth to try. This is the best puzzled frozen games inspired from the famous animated movie frozen. You will have to for a puzzle battle in this game. You have to dodge the ball in order to get the combo of cascading. Besides this, here is more about this puzzle game:

Challenging but interesting levels

This is a puzzle game so it is very obvious that the levels are challenging. Each level consist some challenging task and it’s your work to come over those obstacle. Well, there is help also available for you if you somewhere. In all one, you will never get bore from unlimited levels and play each one of them with the same excitement.

Explore the world with your Facebook friends

Game is one of the other way through which you can get more socialized. If you do not have enough hearts to continue the game, then your friends help in this. Just send them request regarding hearts and you will get many of them. In the same way, you can help you friends and give them your hearts to play the game.

Match 3 gameplay

The graphics of the game is not just beautiful but also colorful. The ice in the game is in different shapes and color; you have to match 3 or more ice colors in order to get points. Besides this, through this game you will be able to know about your matching skills. Keep in mind that many levels are difficult and you will be able to clear them with the help of lots of practice.

Get new characters in the game

Players can go for various characters in the game but they have to unlock these characters at first. Fore unlocking them, you have to clear some challenges and events or earn more points to unlock them. Characters like Sven, Hans, and Krist off etc.

Offer you unique power ups

This game is designed in a very different way. You will find many games which contain power up for the characters. But in this game, each character has its own special and unique power ups which give them unlimited powers to clear the levels. Through them, you can destroy the whole crystal rows or make the crystals of the same color.

Besides this, here is some more important thing about this game:

  • The combo of colors is a unique thing through which you can deploy the difficulties of puzzles in the game.
  • The game consists of multi-player mode in which you can go for a group battle or challenge your friends against you. This snow battle is going to be epic and full of fun.
  • The characters in the game are inspired from the characters of the frozen movie. It makes this game super exciting plus the characters look so adorable.

This frozen game is in HD graphics plus it is vibrant and visuals are of high definitions. Players can enjoy this game more on big screen but it also look good in mobile.