Superfighters 2 (Game Review)

There has been a demand for newer and better games in the world of flash games for a long time now. As the world is moving towards digitalization there have been more and more improvements that have been brought up in the flash games and one such game known as the Superfighters 2 has been rocking the action gaming zone for long.

From the previous version of Superfighters, the newer version tends to be better and with much more flexibility in the play. There are different reasons why people like this game. The most important thing about flash games is that you can easily play those games online and the Superfighters 2 is one such multiplayer game where you can spar with your partner over this game.

Your opponent always has the same chances of winning as you and if you do not seem to find anyone to play around then you can always choose the bot to be your opponent. The level of the games will rise gradually as you start on clearing the different stages. The levels are very easy at the start and once you go beyond the gaming levels and stages the difficulty will increase.

The possibility of having an opponent in such a game will always increase the interest and bring out more enthusiasm while playing this game. The superfighters series has been so far the best action genre game in the flash game’s criteria. Once you start playing the game you will understand so as to why this game has been dedicated as the best action play flash game. There are many features and specifications that are provided in this game.

There are some following options that can be seen over the screen before you start any game.

  • 1 player: This mode is specifically dedicated to those who want to play alone with a BOT. There will further be two more options in this mode, namely the vs mode and the Stage mode. In both these modes you will be guided with different stages, however, in vs mode, you will be provided a BOT to fight with and will eventually complete the level.
  • 2 Player: This mode is same as the single player mode except the fact that you will be provided by couple of options same like the single player mode. The first one will be vs mode wherein both, you are your partner will fight each other and the stage mode wherein both of you will be set to fight against a BOT.
  • Tutorial: The tutorial is the most referred option that is provided. Here you will find a demo of how to use keys and different buttons which will in turn help you to play the game more efficiently. There are different sets of tutorials which can be referred from the set.
  • Set Up: This is the easiest of all setting modes. Here you will be given choices for the different settings, which are allowed for the user and thereby you can enjoy the Superfighters 2 game in different modes.

Superfighters 2 – Official Website

Gaming – Pros and Cons

Access to computers has increased much over recent decades, and the number of people playing games on computers has increased too. The phenomenon of gaming is somewhat new in the modern society.  Many people, particularly children enjoy gaming. At present it is the most popular source of entertainment. Now unlimited games available on smart phones have added cherry to the pie.  Gaming companies earn millions of dollars and are constantly investing in its research to make virtual world look like reality. These games attract large audience. Teenagers and children are the main target audience of these game developing companies, who are actively involved in gaming since very young age. Teenagers spend their almost free time in playing video games. Gaming is fun and addictive. Many people think that this is the best thing to do in spare time.

Effects of Gaming on Body

Playing games can definitely be entertaining and educational. Gamers transport themselves into a virtual world which is very exciting. If we see from the educational perspective, gaming encourages imagination and creativity as well as concentration, problem solving abilities and logical thinking too. All of the things are very useful if we talk outside the gaming context. It can also help children to develop their cognitive skills. Many popular games need complex and high level thinking skills in order to win, skills which are not taught at school. For example, children need to follow up instructions, solve complicated problems and use logic in many of the games. Such experience will be beneficial to a child’s development.  It also sharp reflexes and muscle coordination and also enhances decision making abilities.  Gaming is also a tool of social interaction, sometimes friendship can be developed through playing games. It also helps keeping them away from violent activities and drug usage. According to a research, people who play action based games can make decisions 25% faster than others without giving up accuracy. But these benefits are overwhelmed with some drawbacks also. Electronic game play has its downside. Excessive gaming can have a negative impact on the physical health of a person. There are also possibilities of loss of sight. Extreme gaming can also become a risk factor for obesity. Many games suffer from gaming addiction, which is no less harmful than alcoholism. Mental health can also be affected by spending too much time playing games. Many parents think that some games are too violent and demand the government to put regulation on the sale of such games. Expert says that children and teenagers who play violent video games tend to be more aggressive.


There is no doubt that spending too much time gaming is not good. You do not have to stop all together. It’s all about modernization. Gaming can change a person’s brain and according to finding of researchers, often the change is for the better only if played in limit. The gaming industry is becoming one of the promising sectors of the world. And moreover playing games has become a way to overcome stress. This is the best doing to kick your boredom out. This is the best pass time activity and a better way to utilize your free time. One can doubtlessly learn lots of things from games.

Flash games: still ruling the world of gaming

We see many 4-5 years kids playing games online, such a facility this time. Really, isn’t it? I only remember playing games like Hide n Seek, Hungry hungry hippos and mall madness. Time changed many things from clothing to internet games.

So basically, what are these internet games and how can we get access to these? An internet game is a game that is played using an internet facility and of course, a web browser, mainly Google, Opera and stuff like that. These games require a ‘’Adobe flash player’’ in our computer or laptop in order to play those games so these games are probably called ‘’Flash games’’. They are popular at this time because they don’t cost a single penny while some charge for some extra game features. Many of the games are free to download or available for playing instantly. They are created by programmers by using Flash player using its exclusive ActionScript code.
There are a huge number of games accessible over the web, and the applications are unfathomable for its creators. Flash games are being loved for its animated video, strong illustrations and sound, providing story lines and game play, straightforward interfaces, high replay esteem, easily accessible and most of all they can be highly addictive due to its attractiveness. Huge numbers of flash games depend on the prevalent existing titles and are as addictive as their console, arcade, and PC partners.
Flash games range from action, riddle games, adventure, 2D side-scrollers, gigantic multi-player (MMOs) to 3D first-individual shooters. They also include all the video game genres that can be single or multiplayer.
Flash games are portable that can be played on multiple different devices like mobile, computers and other operating systems which are having access to adobe flash player. Due to the high accessibility of flash games, they are mostly played in more frequent, lesser sessions as compared to other games.
Flash game designers have additionally delighted in basic recognition and for some, their manifestations have opened entryways of chance into the domain of expert diversion advancement. Numerous cutting edge engineers now use Flash game segments to outline client interfaces, as the ActionScript provided by adobe performs well and keeps record sizes to a base. This is particularly valuable when adding completely rendered 3D objects. It is additionally perfect with a considerable lot of the other scripting languages.
As the media is getting vast, it requires new promoting strategies, a significant number of which have utilized the making of flash games to deliver successful viral crusades for items and administrations from around the world. Few organizations even use idiosyncratic Flash games to advance their products on the web by giving Ad’s or through versatile promotions. As the new media designer of the flash games and their innovations progresses, Flash games will be more easily available to us. From now onwards, developers will continue to utilize this powerful gaming tool to create more expansive and integral forms of entertainment.

Pixel Warfare 2 – Game Review

Childhood is always a best part of one’s life and playing video games is best part of that part. Time changed and so do the devices for playing it. Video games, television games, psp’s are famous all over the world. And if we talk about games then pixel welfare was one of the favourite games for a long time. It was the best at some time.


  • 3D GAME: It is one of the best 3 dimensional shooting game. It will always make you feel that you are on areal mission present over there virtually.
  • GRAPHICS: The game’s graphics inspired by older 8-bit games, such as in Minecraft.
  • GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is must for every game and so is for this. It is inspired by modern warfare. A good storyline is laid out throughout the game to keep the players entertained.
  • WEAPONS AND MAPS: There are different maps and weapons that one can purchase and upgrade. The better weapons you have, the more chances are of your victory.

But as we say change is must. So a time came when a better version was required for an already famous game. Then came pixel warfare 2. It is far better than first one. So you can imagine how amazing it will be.


It is not difficult to understand the controlling of pixel warfare 2. Below mentioned are the controls that are applicable in the game.









MAPS– Maps were good in first part but they are far better in the sequel of it. There are more number of maps. More places where you can hide, where you can find your enemies, go up and down through lifts, burst oil drums by firing it.

GRAPHICS– To make games run smoother and at higher FPS, people get graphic cards installed on their desktops. But this game is so amazing that you will get the most amazing experience without it too. Owing to the special enhancements in rendering engine and added support for legacy hardware, the game will run fine of PCs having less horsepower.

WEAPONS: Each weapon is having high pistol capacity in pixel welfare 2 even double in some of them. So play it continuously without inconvenience of reloading it again and again. The weapons are available are classified according to the power, so finding a suitable one is very easy.

MAPS: It has three maps which have different missions in each of them.

AUDIO EFFECTS: Visual effects could be impressive only if audio effects are good. And so is it in this game

It is played worldwide over the internet. As more missions are solved, the players get points. With that points he can upgrade the weapons, buy new maps and his character too. So player can challenge anyone around globe and get a global rank in the game they love the most.

So keep on playing pixel warfare 2 and you will know how better this sequel is and how fantabulously amazing this game could be.

Soccer Physics Flash Game (Review)

Now-a-days internet is one of the most powerful tools all over the world. It is growing rapidly. It contributes lots of benefits. No one today can imagine their life without internet as it makes our life faster and trouble free. Now internet has become prominent and common as well, and games on internet are a new and popular race. There are many gaming websites available that too free which has increased its value. Games have always been up in everybody’s list. It has been a priority for everyone, and now being accessible online has added cherry to the pie. We can play almost every type of game on this network which does not require any payment which is plus point for online gaming.

There are tens of thousands of games available online but flash games have become a new found and popular as now a day’s people spend more time online and on their smart phones. These are animated programs and an interactive media. Flash games are those games which are basically run through flash player. These games are easily accessible, addictive and usually free.

Soccer Physics Game

Soccer is the most popular multiplayer game of all the time. You can also play a single mode against CPU. Opponents and attain victory. The main goal of this two player game is to score a goal.

Soccer physics is the best game for football fans. One is going to travel different football worlds with the help of soccer physics game which is far different from usual football games. Your player moves through the position of the ball. You have to use game controls well. One can use one or two buttons to move the kicker and the keeper. Jump, kick, run or find some other way to move the ball to the opposite goal. Watch out for beach balls that will distract you, who knows you might end up scoring in own goal checkpoint. If you use random game controls, you may lose the game. Up to 10 players can play this game at a time. It’s an awesome physics based game play. It’s a fun game which is definitely very easy to learn but it’s almost impossible to master it. One can get easily addicted to it. It’s hard to get over it. One cannot think of anything that even came close to it.


In soccer physics you will enjoy an exciting and absurd soccer match where the rules you thought you knew about this sport are not going to help in any way. Kick, jump, head, and dribble to reach the opponent teams’ goal with the ball. Play role of a character in storyline in one player mode or double up the fun with a friend two player mode. It’s probably the one of the best and funniest football game you will ever play. This game is full of eternal laughs. With soccer physics you had lots of fun so, lets the fun begin. Play and experience a new kind of soccer. Click on this link to play the game.

My Friend Pedro Game (Review)

Gaming has always been the craziest thing in the childhood of each and every person. With the change in technology craze for gaming has gone through many phases. T.V. games didn’t have good graphics, and then came computer games which removed this disadvantage of bad graphics. These are still in trend and children love them a lot.

Games like my friend pedro is one of best, liked by most of the children. As the name depicts the main character of this game is pedro who is friend of every child playing it. But as this game is different the friend of yours is so. It is having head of banana and wears invisibility undies so that only you can see him no one else. That’s cool.


As Pedro is your friend he will always be there with you and instruct you on every part and he will become your best friend till the time you play this game. He will save you from enemies, tell you ways to reach your destination, warn you when the danger is there.


My friend pedro is simple but being simple does not make it Bowring. It has missions, weapons, dangerous enemies that will make it your favourite game ever. But to enjoy a game you should know how to play it.


D-Move forward

A-Move backward


S-Get down

LEFT CKLICK- Shoot the enemies


A or D-Spin

R- Reload your weapons

NUMBER KEYS- Swap weapons


Use the combinations of keys as pedro instruct and kill gangsters. They will shoot you too that will decrease your life. So go kill all the gangsters before they kill you.

For killing them you are provided knife, pistols but as you go on using them they will decrease. So you can increase your bullets by taking it from dead gangsters. Some of them will also give you new

weapons. So as far you go away and as much gangsters you kill you will get advance weapons. More advance the weapon is more fun, it will be.



LAUNCHED: 06/03/2014


* Game rated teen caution contains content and strong emotion driving content that may or may not be beneficial for ages 13 or older. So it may require adult supervision for children of age group 13-18.


It does not have any alternative for qwerty keyboard. You will need to attach a full-fledged keyboard for controlling the character in the game.


My friend pedro is an action game but the thing making it different is

  • Graphics
  • Processing
  • Different levels
  • Weapons

This game has 7 levels, each one gets more interesting and more dangerous as the levels pass by. So just keep on playing the game with your friend pedro and you will be lost in the gaming world like never before.

Sas zombie assault 4

The year is 3104, and the place is planet Thera. An outbreak of virus is threatening the fate of mankind. The only thing and the last hope of mankind to stop this outbreak and to save mankind is the most skilled and highly trained special forces who have advanced weapons with them, the SAS. You need to choose from a 3 exclusive character class which will be provided to you and utilize skill tree which can be customized. This skill tree will be available with hundreds of arms and armors. You need to use them and build a hero for yourself to kill the zombies. There are 7 different and challenging levels, which you need to clear.

Sas zombie assault 4 comes with two new events; Apocalypse and the Last Man Standing which will test your zombie killing skills.


The action included in Sas zombie assault 4 is highly intense. You will see Zombies filling your screen and they will explode into bits when you hit them with your bullets. There are 17 different types of zombies available in the game.  Each of these types has different attacks and behaviors, and also they can choose to evolve with new type of powers as and when you move up the level. You need to find the weakness of these zombies and kill all of them.

The new 4 PLAYER mode

Now you can team up with three different players on the same level. You can use the weapons and skills selected by other players and form an efficient team against the zombies. You can use this team in many cases and in many ways such as Zombie Antidote, Assault Team, and Aerial Bombardment, and can use them to move physical objects in order to create a momentary cover when you kill the zombies.

The EPIC LOOT feature

Sas zombie assault 4 has included some epic loot which you need to carry out. There are loads of armor pieces and more than 160 guns which are protected in some strong boxes that you will need to find out from the secret rooms. Your load out will include one pistol only and 2 weapons of rifle-class. You need to choose your weapons wisely the skill tree which has a wide range of weapons, including devastating shotguns, submachine guns, the damaging assault rifles, rocket launchers, lightning guns, machine guns, and many more.


Sas zombie assault 4 makes the game more interesting by providing different upgrades to each character the users chose to play. There are around 19 different skills which can be used to customize the character. In addition to all this, you can choose to add other powerful augmentations along with the gear and guns, which will help you enhance certain factors like damage to the gun, firing power, etc.

It should be noted that the game Sas zombie assault 4 is strictly recommended for those players who are at least of 12 years and more than that. The game also comes with a unique “Gore” setting available with options screen. This is specifically meant for younger players. The players who are sensitive can turn off the Gore if they don’t want to see the gibs and blood.

Computer Gaming: An Overview

Computer gaming has faced a steep change over the years, owing to the advancement in both hardware and software fields. It is now possible to play virtual reality three-dimensional games on our smartphones, so think of what our computers are capable of.

Both teenagers and young children look for a game as soon as they get a new computing device, which is what shows the significance of gaming sessions nowadays. From action to racing, these games provide the users with instances into what is not physically possible, therefore evoking the feeling of joy and fun.

Types of Computer Gaming

Computer gaming is further split into two types, upon the basis of the usability, which is as follows:

  1. Offline Gaming: These games are loaded off the internet or a media drive such as USB, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Being stuffed with all the necessary files that the game requires, such games are capable of being run offline, i.e. without an internet connection. Certain games allow online internet access to download updates or play in multi-player mode with people across the world. List of most popular offline games include Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto and Euro Truck Simulator.
  2. Online Gaming: Internet browsers nowadays, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are capable of running games within themselves. These are primarily Flash player based games or miniature games that do not take up much resources out of the system for smooth gameplay, for example However, there are many graphic intensive games available on the internet that a person plays if his or her system is capable of running them.

Minimum System Requirements

In order to run a game, there are certain minimum system requirements that signifies a computer’s capability to be able to run the specific game. Generally, these system requirements are stated in the computing power of the computer, which includes the following:

  • CPU Type and Clock Speed
  • RAM
  • GPU
  • Hard Disk
  • Operating System Version and
  • Video Card Rendering Software and Version (such as Direct X)

What if my PC does not meet system requirements?

Typically, game manufacturers state these system requirements under safe limits. You can still try the game and tinker around with settings to ensure that the game runs, but the compromise will be made in the graphics department.

Else, if the game does not work smoothly, you will have to install aftermarket upgrades such as a GPU, RAM or CPU in order to play the game without hiccups. You can also opt for a complete system change, but ensure that the system you are purchasing is capable of the type of gaming you will be going to do.

Gameplay enhancers: A gimmick?

You will often come across some software that will claim to boost the game. There is no hard and fast rule that the game will be boosted. These software remove unnecessary programs and files consuming resources. If there are no such optimizations available, then the game you are trying to boost might not get affected.

Hot Dog Bush Game

In this advanced trendy world, there are plenty of awesome flash games where every single one of them shows its uniqueness. There are brilliant games for a little and even no money. But we are here to present the innovative peculiar flash game known as “Hot Dog Bush“. It is one of the well-liked flash games which is also available for mobile devices. It is very addictive and time managing game. The hot dog bush game is loved by everyone and every single second you spend playing is worth it.

Story of the game

The main character of the game is the past president of USA called Bush. He is cooking delicious hot dogs and burgers and then selling them. Every chapter has its own daily basic needs and you need to pass that frame in order to proceed to next level. As you proceed through levels the targeting frame raises, you get more products and you need more sales. The Hot Dog Bush game requires having good reflexes and coordination in order to serve all clients and avoid making them angry. The game is played by drop-and-drag gameplay standards. Using the mouse you need to pick the ingredients of the food and cook perfect hot dogs and burgers by client requests. They all have different tastes and will ask of random garnishes for the food. There are also different drinks you can serve to your customers.

You have to work with interestingly without missing a single person, because if you miss any one person then you finalizing with losing money and time. This game is really great deal of as the crow flies forward assigned to reach the targeted value.
The indication of the cooking mechanics is simply to plan the meals out. The stall has the capability to handle the five customers certainly, and they wait for a minute until the food is to be cooked with attractive glowing. Have to manage the time limit and customer happiness to upgrade the rewards. We may have the option to pick out the best location strategy to use the brain power in appropriate.