Love flash games? Try Zombocalypse

Flash games are becoming popular as days pass by. The number of flash games is also increasing, which makes it harder to find a good game. If you are typically into the arcade or fighting games, then Zombocalypse is the game for you.


About the game

The game offers a fast paced action gameplay with quality graphics that make it so good. You will be simulating a character, fighting different types of zombies. The game can be classified as endless shooting, which means that you will have to fight zombies as long as your life lasts.

A primary weapon will be assigned, which can be upgraded for a short period with the help of the upgrades that are offered within the game. The upgrade is limited by the number of bullets and the weapon will be automatically switched to the primary one after the bullets are exhausted.


There are primarily two types of zombies in Zombocalypse, which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Slow moving zombies: As the name states, these zombies move at a relatively slower speed than other zombies. Being basic ones, these often come to attack you in groups, from both sides and are common.
  2. Fast moving zombies: These zombies in Zombocalypse are designed to ‘run and attack’. In the group of slow moving zombies, there will be some fast moving zombies. Be beware of them as although they possess less health, however, when they are right in front of you, your health meter will fall in seconds by their hits!


There are a wide variety of weapons available in game as upgrades. The basic one is a sword named Machete. The weapons are upgradable by moving towards the box and pressing down button or S button. The list of weapons includes Pistol, Dual Pistols, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Gun, Mini Gun and much more.

Along with the weapons, life upgrades are also provided in Zombocalypse that can be picked up with the help of the same controls. Killing more than one zombies results in a combo attack which then opens up new attacks such as air strikes and more in change for a combo, i.e. 25, 50 and 100. The more are the combos, the higher damage will the attack do.

Pressing up on a location will trigger the attack in the area. Make sure that you are away from the area else you will also get trapped in the attack. Also, be sure that you grab the weapon before the timer of weapons goes out.

Controlling and Playing

Use the controls left or right to move the character to either of the sides. Using space bar, you will be able to attack. If you hold the space bar, the character will attack or shoot bullets at the enemies repeatedly. When the combo meter reaches either 25, 50 or 100, a power name will appear and then pressing up button will launch the mass attack. Press and hold either of the arrow keys to move faster. While moving you can also perform an attack.


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