Best Miniclip Games of All Time

Miniclip is home to thousands of free flash games and has games in tons of different categories but ever since the advent of the site, which was back in 2001, there have been some games that are still as exciting as they were on their first day. Here are some of the best Miniclip games of all time.

Snow Line

It’s easy yet extremely fun, especially if you’re a fan of Christmas and Santa. Help Santa pick all the gifts and draw the line of snow to make it to the finish. Try both Snow Line and Snow Line 2 to have fun.

Heli Attack 3

The second edition of the game is more classic, but the upgraded version i.e. Heli Attack 3 has a lot more to offer, which makes it one of the best games on the site.

Down Hill Chill

Fun and addictive, try all three courses of this game. Even though it will feel difficult at first, the game gets easier if you keep playing.

Flood Runner

It’s as simple as the title; all you have to do is run away from the giant wave. Its simplicity makes it very addictive.

Jet Ski

Who doesn’t love skiing? Try this game and face off against opponents to win as many races as you can.

Monsters Truck Nitro 2

Thrilling and fun, Monster Trucks is back with new levels. Collect speed bonuses and jump over airplanes and vehicles to get high scores.

On the Run

In this timeless classic of Miniclip, you have to escape and drive but also stock up on gas and repairs if you want to survive.

Commando Assault

Collect guns and ammo and everything else you can as you move through levels and kill your enemies in this classic Commando game.

Interesting Facts And Advices You Can Use For Most Star Wars Games

So, you like playing star wars games? You are not the only one. There are millions of people like playing these flash games and most of them play them every single day. Maybe they are interesting, but they are complicated and they need a lot of knowledge. There are definitely one of the most interesting and the most addicted types of games you can find. It is a useful thing if you can get some tips, facts, and cheats that can help you. Most of them can be used for different games of this type, so they will be used by most gamers. At the same time, they are simple but highly effective.

  • Get an item you want and need

All lego star wars games feature certain items you are going to need. You will need them in order to pass levels. Maybe it sounds complicated to find those items, but it isn’t. All you need to do is to click on a character and check his items slot. Then, click on find and you will be able to get an idea where that character found that item. It is definitely something you should use and something that should be taken into account. The main goal is to collect as many items as you can, so you can pass levels easily and in less time.

  • Save your attacks

Using the ultimate power of all your attacks will make passing levels simpler and less time-consuming, but it isn’t the best thing you can do. It is highly advised to pay attention to a battle you are participating it. If it isn’t the end battle, don’t use your powerful attacks. Yes, you will pass it easier, but it will use your energy and you won’t be able to pass more demanding battles. It is a much better to play several times in order to win in a battle than to use your powerful attacks and be without them when you actually need them.

  • A famous blue bar

A blue meter is something that you must be focused on. It represents the health of a player and when it is full, it will be harder for you to defeat that enemy. In any other case, you should attack! The fewer bars a character has on the blue meter, he will be easier to defeat.

star wars flash games

Some of these tips can be used for flash games of this type as well. Keep in mind that they should be taken into account, simply because they are interesting and they are fun, despite the fact they are small and they don’t have the superior graphics. Still, they feature new characters and new situations, so they are more than just amazing to play. If you didn’t try them, now is the time. Playing them just once will bring you a lot of joy and there are a lot of them, so you can find the one that suits you the best.


Flash Teen Titans Games For Every Age And Preference

Are you bored and don’t know what to do? If so, there is a type of computer games that you can play without having to install a thing. You just open the browser, search your favorite category and play directly on your browser fun, catchy, relaxing games. These are the flash games. The flash games are browser based games, they are games that you can play on the Internet without having to download and install them. You can play them in single player or in multiplayer, online, from any computer or other devices that can support an Internet browser.

If you are a Teen Titans fan, you are a lucky fellow, because you can find many Teen Titans go games online. This cartoon and comic book is very popular and you can play many great games that feature the great titans.

The flash games are easy accessible

The flash Teen Titans games are easy to access and easy to play. They are browser based games, you don’t need to download them, just go online and start playing. This is a great benefit if your little ones are Titans’ fans, because you won’t need to install games for them and explain them how to play them. The flash games have a simple interface and every kid will understand from the first time he opens the game how you have to play it.

Also, the flash games are compatible with many devices, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and this is advantageous when you are shopping, traveling or going out with your smaller children. The games will keep them distracted and they will behave.

This friendly interface is a great advantage for adults as well. If you like the cartoon or the comic books, after a long day at work, playing a flash game with the Titans is a great way to unwind. This isn’t a type of game that you have to commit to, you can play for as long as you like, restart whenever and play from any device, as a password or profile is not needed.

These games feature your favorite characters in many exciting and divers situations

The flash Teen Titans games are fun and relaxing and they are the opposite of boring, because all of the games are different. There aren’t just action Teen Titans flash games, there are other types of games as well, in which the main character is a Titan superhero. This is the great advantage of the flash games, you can find your favorite characters in all types of games and it is fun and entertaining.

They are fun, easy and they don’t need special skills

The flash games are really simple games, you don’t need special skills, you don’t need to read reviews and watch tutorials, you just start the game and play. This is why they are a great choice for all ages and for all computer skills. They are also a great way to enjoy your favorite characters and have a fun break.

The Adventurous Ice Age Game

If you have not downloaded the latest Ice Age adventure games on your phone and tablet, then grab your gadgets and get it now for free. The app with its superb audio and visual effects is amazing. The characters Sid, Manny, Diego and others from all four movies are brilliantly designed. The colorful graphics and familiar sounds from the film make the game more fascinating.

The game represents Sid as the protagonist who first finds Diego and Manny. Then, along with Manny and Diego, Sid travels and explores different lands to rescue and get to the other animals that have been drifted away. While extricating the animals, the three characters face obstructions and obstacles that need to be cleared. The user is also expected to collect acorns, berries, and shells, which act as a currency to buy objects for animals and construct land. The purpose is to protect and take care of the animals and build villages. The player can buy houses, food or other accessories to keep animals happy. Users can also engage themselves in playing mini games, which help in collecting berries, acorns and shells. The mini games are as intriguing as the main game itself. Another feature is social connectivity. The game allows its users to connect with their Facebook friends.


Although the game is quite appealing and engaging, it takes up an enormous amount of space, which means it cannot be downloaded on smartphones with lower storage capacity. At times, the user gets stuck as he does not have enough berries or acorns to construct villages and cannot rescue animals. The only solution to the situation is to make in-app purchases to continue. Ice Age is one of the most unique and interactive adventure games that children will love and you will not regret downloading it.

Best Shooting Games for Xbox One

The first-person shooter genre is probably the most popular genre right now, evident by the success of games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 5: Guardians. This year offered some titles worth playing, although some disappointed as well. Here are some of this year’s best shooting games for Xbox One.

Halo 5: Guardians

A first-person shooter game published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for Xbox One, Halo 5: Guardians was a success as evident by the 4/5 Metacritic rating. Set in a dystopian world, it’s an action-packed first-person shooter game every Xbox One owner should play. Halo 5 keeps on rewarding its players as tons of new content was added through the Cartographer’s Gift update.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

The Call of Duty franchise continues dominating the first-person shooting games genre with its Black Ops series as the third edition of the game was launched this year. A military, science-fiction game, Black Ops 3 has earned positive reviews with a 4/5 Metacritic rating. However, the game’s rating on Steam is lower with just a 6/10. Nevertheless, the faithful fans of Call of Duty continue to enjoy this title.


A first-person shooting game that uses a rather asymmetrical structure as four players play as hunters while one plays as the monster. Set on an industrialized alien planet named Shear, Evolve is a successful and critically acclaimed title that every first-person shooting game fan should try.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Popular on all consoles, Rainbow Six Siege is an online, first-person shooter game that relies heavily on teamwork and environmental destruction. Rainbow Six Siege has received positive reviews and response from the majority of the critics and fan circles. The game focuses on a Rainbow Team led by a leader named Six, resisting The White Masks who are causing chaos around the world.

Every single game of these will be fully reviewed in some of the feature posts. Stay tunned!

Puzzle Games: Do you want to get smarter?

There are hundreds of people out there in the world we live and they have millions of questions in their minds. However, all of these questions aren’t merely as important as one question that they have and it’s how to get smarter. Getting smarter isn’t actually any hard thing to do, the minute you start concentrating on things you get smarter. How to do that? Well, with games. For centuries, games have been considered as a distraction when in fact they are an easier way for you to be smarter. Let us tell you how your puzzle games can make it easier for you to concentrate

New levels, new challenges

Who doesn’t like challenges? Everyone likes challenges in their lives and that is something you can get with puzzle games. Puzzle games can be of a lot of help when you start getting better levels of fun. Each level needs better concentration to win and this builds up to make sure your brain is nurturing as well. So, this way with games you become smarter and more attentive. Try harder games by going through reviews.

Go for the classics

Going for the classics can sometimes be the right way to go for you. Start with a Rubik’s cube or chess and then you can move up to newer challenges with advanced puzzle games on the smartphones. So, this way you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your puzzle games. Download them or play them online for making sure that your brain is working twice as well every day. So, make sure you’re on a hunt for the best puzzle games to make sure you are getting smarter on each level.

An introduction to Flash Games

A flash game (also called as browser game) is a computer game that is played over the Internet using a web browser. Browser games can be run using standard web technology or browser plug-ins. Flash is actually a tool used for building up games that are educational as well as educative. It is also useful to add animations, effects and interactivity in the games.

Characteristics of Flash Games

Flash games are often free-to-play and do not require any external software for installation except the browser and its plugins. While some flash games are free, but charges for additional features in the game. The games are often entertaining and quite educational and requires less time from the busy schedule of people. Hence, it is quite famous in the area of gamers and especially for small children as they don’t require any external in-depth detail to play.

Some flash games often come with “How to Play” guide. Due to accessibility of flash games, they are played more frequently and in short sessions as compared with traditional computer games. Since these games run isolated from the hardware in a web browser, they can run on different operating systems without having ported to different platforms. The major factor in its popularity across the web is that they can be completed in a limited period of time with ease as these games are not made for specialized gamers and can be played by anyone.

How to play such games?

Playing flash games has been often free and does not require any sign up for a service. All you need to do is search for the game, click the link, wait for the game to load and play.

Don’t worry if you are unaware about any such game. There are many websites offering such games. You can use any search engine for finding such websites. Depending upon the website, you may have to sign up for an account.

What if the games are not loading?

Often, these games do not run due to false installation of plugins that are required to run the game. So, the troubleshooting step must start with installation of correct encoders, such as Adobe Flash Player.

If all plugins are as per the requirements, you need to check the browser you are using. Internet explorer these days is proving to be less compatible with the newer games, so it is better to settle for a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Opera browser is only recommended for those who have a high bandwidth internet connection.

Flash Games for mobiles

Mobile devices are capable of running flash games. Just download the respective plugin for the browser you are running, for example, Dolphin Jetpack and Adobe Flash Player for Dolphin Browser. If any respective browser or plugin is not available for your device, then the flash game will not work on your device. In the situation, you will have to settle for a similar game on the respective app store on your device.

Gaming – Pros and Cons

Access to computers has increased much over recent decades, and the number of people playing games on computers has increased too. The phenomenon of gaming is somewhat new in the modern society.  Many people, particularly children enjoy gaming. At present it is the most popular source of entertainment. Now unlimited games available on smart phones have added cherry to the pie.  Gaming companies earn millions of dollars and are constantly investing in its research to make virtual world look like reality. These games attract large audience. Teenagers and children are the main target audience of these game developing companies, who are actively involved in gaming since very young age. Teenagers spend their almost free time in playing video games. Gaming is fun and addictive. Many people think that this is the best thing to do in spare time.

Effects of Gaming on Body

Playing games can definitely be entertaining and educational. Gamers transport themselves into a virtual world which is very exciting. If we see from the educational perspective, gaming encourages imagination and creativity as well as concentration, problem solving abilities and logical thinking too. All of the things are very useful if we talk outside the gaming context. It can also help children to develop their cognitive skills. Many popular games need complex and high level thinking skills in order to win, skills which are not taught at school. For example, children need to follow up instructions, solve complicated problems and use logic in many of the games. Such experience will be beneficial to a child’s development.  It also sharp reflexes and muscle coordination and also enhances decision making abilities.  Gaming is also a tool of social interaction, sometimes friendship can be developed through playing games. It also helps keeping them away from violent activities and drug usage. According to a research, people who play action based games can make decisions 25% faster than others without giving up accuracy. But these benefits are overwhelmed with some drawbacks also. Electronic game play has its downside. Excessive gaming can have a negative impact on the physical health of a person. There are also possibilities of loss of sight. Extreme gaming can also become a risk factor for obesity. Many games suffer from gaming addiction, which is no less harmful than alcoholism. Mental health can also be affected by spending too much time playing games. Many parents think that some games are too violent and demand the government to put regulation on the sale of such games. Expert says that children and teenagers who play violent video games tend to be more aggressive.


There is no doubt that spending too much time gaming is not good. You do not have to stop all together. It’s all about modernization. Gaming can change a person’s brain and according to finding of researchers, often the change is for the better only if played in limit. The gaming industry is becoming one of the promising sectors of the world. And moreover playing games has become a way to overcome stress. This is the best doing to kick your boredom out. This is the best pass time activity and a better way to utilize your free time. One can doubtlessly learn lots of things from games.

Flash games: still ruling the world of gaming

We see many 4-5 years kids playing games online, such a facility this time. Really, isn’t it? I only remember playing games like Hide n Seek, Hungry hungry hippos and mall madness. Time changed many things from clothing to internet games.

So basically, what are these internet games and how can we get access to these? An internet game is a game that is played using an internet facility and of course, a web browser, mainly Google, Opera and stuff like that. These games require a ‘’Adobe flash player’’ in our computer or laptop in order to play those games so these games are probably called ‘’Flash games’’. They are popular at this time because they don’t cost a single penny while some charge for some extra game features. Many of the games are free to download or available for playing instantly. They are created by programmers by using Flash player using its exclusive ActionScript code.
There are a huge number of games accessible over the web, and the applications are unfathomable for its creators. Flash games are being loved for its animated video, strong illustrations and sound, providing story lines and game play, straightforward interfaces, high replay esteem, easily accessible and most of all they can be highly addictive due to its attractiveness. Huge numbers of flash games depend on the prevalent existing titles and are as addictive as their console, arcade, and PC partners.
Flash games range from action, riddle games, adventure, 2D side-scrollers, gigantic multi-player (MMOs) to 3D first-individual shooters. They also include all the video game genres that can be single or multiplayer.
Flash games are portable that can be played on multiple different devices like mobile, computers and other operating systems which are having access to adobe flash player. Due to the high accessibility of flash games, they are mostly played in more frequent, lesser sessions as compared to other games.
Flash game designers have additionally delighted in basic recognition and for some, their manifestations have opened entryways of chance into the domain of expert diversion advancement. Numerous cutting edge engineers now use Flash game segments to outline client interfaces, as the ActionScript provided by adobe performs well and keeps record sizes to a base. This is particularly valuable when adding completely rendered 3D objects. It is additionally perfect with a considerable lot of the other scripting languages.
As the media is getting vast, it requires new promoting strategies, a significant number of which have utilized the making of flash games to deliver successful viral crusades for items and administrations from around the world. Few organizations even use idiosyncratic Flash games to advance their products on the web by giving Ad’s or through versatile promotions. As the new media designer of the flash games and their innovations progresses, Flash games will be more easily available to us. From now onwards, developers will continue to utilize this powerful gaming tool to create more expansive and integral forms of entertainment.