Interesting Facts And Advices You Can Use For Most Star Wars Games

So, you like playing star wars games? You are not the only one. There are millions of people like playing these flash games and most of them play them every single day. Maybe they are interesting, but they are complicated and they need a lot of knowledge. There are definitely one of the most interesting and the most addicted types of games you can find. It is a useful thing if you can get some tips, facts, and cheats that can help you. Most of them can be used for different games of this type, so they will be used by most gamers. At the same time, they are simple but highly effective.

  • Get an item you want and need

All lego star wars games feature certain items you are going to need. You will need them in order to pass levels. Maybe it sounds complicated to find those items, but it isn’t. All you need to do is to click on a character and check his items slot. Then, click on find and you will be able to get an idea where that character found that item. It is definitely something you should use and something that should be taken into account. The main goal is to collect as many items as you can, so you can pass levels easily and in less time.

  • Save your attacks

Using the ultimate power of all your attacks will make passing levels simpler and less time-consuming, but it isn’t the best thing you can do. It is highly advised to pay attention to a battle you are participating it. If it isn’t the end battle, don’t use your powerful attacks. Yes, you will pass it easier, but it will use your energy and you won’t be able to pass more demanding battles. It is a much better to play several times in order to win in a battle than to use your powerful attacks and be without them when you actually need them.

  • A famous blue bar

A blue meter is something that you must be focused on. It represents the health of a player and when it is full, it will be harder for you to defeat that enemy. In any other case, you should attack! The fewer bars a character has on the blue meter, he will be easier to defeat.

star wars flash games

Some of these tips can be used for flash games of this type as well. Keep in mind that they should be taken into account, simply because they are interesting and they are fun, despite the fact they are small and they don’t have the superior graphics. Still, they feature new characters and new situations, so they are more than just amazing to play. If you didn’t try them, now is the time. Playing them just once will bring you a lot of joy and there are a lot of them, so you can find the one that suits you the best.